How can we improve our living conditions both individually and collectively without further decimating the finite resources of the planet?

We that one of the things that can help us the most is to recover what has come to be called food sovereignty, ie recover the ability to produce ourselves, or buy from small local producers, all, or much of our food, thus recovering some reins that we should never let go. These reins must be the basis of our physical and mental health.

Because from Horticultor we believe that the personal garden of small production for local supply is or can be a revolutionary tool of great depth and it is for that reason, to put our grain of sand in the embryo of this change, that from this blog we will try to offer you all the necessary information to cultivate your small or big garden, at the same time that you give from our virtual store we offer you the possibility of supplying you with the necessary tools, seeds, tools and advice to develop your horticultural project, which we hope will help you to have a wiser, fuller, more energetic and above all healthier life.

We could find many reasons to return to have a family garden and in this article, we would like to highlight those that we consider most important:

1. Recover food sovereignty

As we have said before, it is of vital importance to recover what we have always had as human beings and which in the last few decades had been taken away from us, or allowed to be taken away from us, in exchange for false comfort. In short, it is a question of recovering food sovereignty.

Most of us have childhood memories of visiting or even working in the gardens of our grandparents, parents or acquaintances and therefore almost all of us have experienced the enormous pleasure of eating a freshly cut tomato. Well, from our point of view, this has no point of comparison with the enormous pleasure of producing most of your food yourself.

In fact from the Horticultor team we defend the theory that when we are doing work in our garden, we are able to print energetic vibrations to the food we produce and this means that when we eat this food we reconnect again with this energetic frequency, which makes us find better and literally feel better the food produced by ourselves. In a way, this explains the usual discussions between growers to discern who has the best tomatoes, or the best vegetables, everyone thinks that theirs, since in addition to taste, when we eat our own tomatoes we reconnect energetically to our own vibration.

There is not much scientific evidence to support this bold statement, although perhaps we could find some explanation for it in the book “Water Messages” by Dr Masaru Emoto of Japanese origin, where he shows us photographs that would demonstrate the capacity of water to be a vehicle of consciousness, water, which is precisely more than 95% of the composition of vegetables.

2. For health reasons

It has been widely demonstrated that the fruits and vegetables we produce ourselves have far more vitamins and freshness than any fruit or vegetable we can buy in the conventional distribution chain, in fact, some studies show that 50% of non-organic vegetables found on the market have traces of pesticides.

There is no better way to guarantee our health and that of our family than to grow our own food. As Hippocrates said, make your food your medicine. Indeed, if we can eat food that is self-produced or ecologically produced locally, we can exponentially reduce the risks of our own and other people’s illnesses.

It is also very important to obtain 100% of the vitamin and enzymatic richness of vegetables to eat the food just collected, something that we can hardly do if we do not have our own family garden.

3. For questions of taste and aromas

Just this point should be enough to convince most families to have their own orchard, and that is that they have nothing to do with the flavours of our fruits and vegetables or the eggs that our chickens can produce with what you can buy in supermarkets, I still remember the first time I ate some green beans freshly picked, melted in the mouth, seemed to be eating something different from what was known until then and not to mention the tomatoes, who has not tasted some tomatoes from the garden and has come out from inside a: this is tomatoes!

In fact, from the moment we produce our own vegetables, there is an act of reconciliation with them, some vegetables that as children almost traumatized us to eat, are rediscovered and appear before us as new and full of unknown flavours.

4. For economic reasons

Now that unfortunately there are so many people without work, what better alternative than to be able to be self-sufficient in food, is not only going to solve our problems but also save a few euros in the store sure that will result in good therapy.

5. Earth connection

Due to the current lifestyle, especially in large cities, we are usually completely disconnected from nature, well, the orchard, in its day to day, offers us the possibility of reconnection because once in it, we are exposed to all-natural changes, rain, wind, changes of seasons, etc … with all that this entails changes in our own body.

6. Reencounter with ourselves

Fruit of the previous point and in an automatic way, no matter how conscious we may be, the garden offers us the possibility of rediscovering ourselves, since this rediscovery with the land we mentioned before is nothing more than a rediscovery with ourselves and with our spirituality.

Finally, I would like to mention one of the greats in spreading organic horticulture in our country, the great Mariano Bueno who, in his encyclopedic work writes the following:

For all these reasons, practising any form of agriculture, be it that of the small family garden or that of the organic farm that will allow the whole family to live honestly, will always leave a series of invaluable benefits. Apart from providing us with healthy and nutritious food (each day more scarce), it will allow us at the same time to develop all our potentials, both physical, mental and, why not? also spiritual. Human beings have moved too far away from the natural environment, convinced as we were that we were something other than nature.

But it seems that something is changing in the collective consciousness, to the point that we already begin to glimpse that we are the result of a constant process of integration or overcoming the circumstances or the environment in which we develop, and little by little we are realizing that our distance from the earth is leading to serious imbalances, both physical and psychic as well as social.

Put a garden in your life, as has been said thousands of times who has a garden has a treasure, start your process of change or give it a push more, going back to the origins and do it, creating your own treasure.

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