The debut title by 3-Fold Games, exploring the life of a dementia patient, is coming to consoles this month. The PC version of the game was released in July 2020, and its touching story got appraised by critics and players. The game is rated as “Very Positive” on Steam, and its perspective on consoles are also bright.

The story tells in detail how the protagonist’s life becomes a detective riddle because of fading memory. Even everyday situations are hand to handle for her, and the situation she’s in now is far from everyday. It takes an investigation based on the material presences of the past in the present, and the storyline is brilliantly told. It’s even more impressive if you know that there are just two persons who developed it; on the other hand, this little collective can easier handle the intimacy required to touch these delicate matters.

The game will reach Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch in identical version, save for controls adjusted for various inputs. It’s not a sort of game to be replayed, and it takes about an hour to finish it. But if you like narrative-driven games like What Remains of Edith Finch, you will certainly be touched by Before I Forget, feeling its aftertaste for long after.