Halloween is always a reason for many games to alter their appearance, introducing monsters and corpses, killers and ghosts, and ubiquitous pumpkins. Fortnite makes no exception; this year new skins are also coming. And, thanks to some leak, we can already see what the innovations will look like.

So far even September isn’t over yet, so it’s about a month until the day comes. The skins and other changes will be introduced a bit earlier, but still, that can’t stop the curiosity. Dataminers, with a strong belief that something must be out there already, have done some searching, and there was a lot to be found. HYPEX, one of the most famous Fortnite dataminers, was the first to find the evidence.

Halloween Stuff

Skins. First of all, here come the skins. They are not going to skin you (though that would look quite Halloweeny), but the names tell the story. There will be five male skins, named Gangster Monster, Skull Trooper Neon, The Dark One, Slurp Creature, and Ghoul Trooper. Female skins will be Cuddle Team Dark, Pale Spooky, Modern Witch, and Wraith.

Not all of them are new. As we know, the Fortnite universe is filled with surprise returns. There has been a Skull Trooper, and this time it probably will be shining neon. Ghoul Trouper has already been here too, but that time it was a female skin.

There will also be some new POIs introduced, and their names hint that they will be entirely new. The leaks aren’t numerous so far, and it’s not much time left to wait, but that even makes the fans wonder more.

Fortnite Classifide

Recently Epic takes more care about leak prevention. Those listed above are, in fact, the only pieces of information that became exposed somehow. No doubt that Epic tracks the story and makes a conclusion. But it has a bright side: the publisher will have more surprises for us in store.

The same goes for the upcoming Season 11 which implies new changes in the map. They may also ditch BRUTE suits for something not hated that much. But there is even less known about that than about Halloween updates.