During the lockdown times, we have got used to weekly freebies on Epic Store. But while usually it’s one game a week, and rarely two, this week Epic does justify its name and starts an epic giveaway with three games simultaneously. All of them are indie titles, but many AAA game fans will probably find them worth their time (especially when free).

The first of them is The First Tree, an already famous indie title that lets the player control a fox in a beautiful forest to explore. Another is Ken Follett's The Pillars of Earth, a bestselling book gamification by Daedalic Entertainment, the developer responsible for two of the three free games. The game is set in the medieval England, combining action and brilliant storytelling, in a comic book manner. The third free title of the week is Deponia: The Complete Journey, a thrashy adventure that takes place on a junk planet; yet its quality is nothing of the sort, as the game is praised by both critics and players.

The games will be available since April 15 to April 22. If you download them during that week, you’ll be able to keep them. If you miss the opportunity, though, the price of these games (as for us, quite worthy) will be the same as before the giveaway. What games will succeed them is unknown yet.