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Apex Legends is a third-person shooter game, release date Feb 2019, where you get to be a hero in everlasting feuds for land, power, and glory. The Apex Legends coming out for PS4 has brought a new update to the old world of shooters. Download the Apex Legends game to plunge in an endless fight against good and evil.


In the Apex Legends full game, you have to team up with other players to eliminate highly dangerous targets while gaining reputation, gold, and gear. You can customize a character to your taste by picking the outfit, facial features, and even hair color. When your appearance is ready, choose a class that provides you with an adventurous set of skills, abilities, and weapons to accomplish the mission.

The overall game setting is a battlefield of two opposing teams. The main goal for each team is to eliminate the others mercilessly, no exceptions made. For this, you’re going to have a vast range of skills your character possesses. As you progress through the game, the perks can be improved making you even deadlier.

Devise strategies and apply your tactical skills to complete missions with the fewest losses possible. Look for ammo and gear to enhance your attack, defense, and agility that will surely prove useful later on. All of this is possible only in teamwork since the map is swamped with enemies who, luckily, have a great array of powers and skills like yours.

Graphics and Sound

The Apex Legends free to play game proves that the developers know what good visuals are. The resolution can be easily set to Very High and even Ultra so that your user-experience meets new heights. Special attention has been paid to the surroundings, where each detail is a realistic piece of art. The characters are bright and colorful with most of the details being easy to customize, dye, or alter to your preferences.

Such features in combination with upbeat, lively battle music make you immerse yourself in the gameplay and lose yourself in the game. The ambiance, cricket chattering, and the wind howling fill in the gaps when you’re ambushing someone in the tall grass. Make sure to adjust the settings to your most optimal computer requirements and follow this Apex Legends review to learn more.

Graphics 4.5
Gameplay 5
Controls 4
Replay Value 4.5
  • Diverse class/ability system;
  • Various game modes;
  • In-game purchases;
  • Vibrant graphics.
  • Expensive patches.
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