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Bendy and the Ink Machine ™ is a first-person horror action game with an outstanding cartoon atmosphere and a tense, intimidating storyline whose outcome remains a mystery until the very end. This studio is best known for cartoons featuring the popular and beloved Bendy character. This game is a journey into the mysterious depths of an intricate cartoon nightmare game.


The game tries to adopt the style of cartoons from the 60s, which until then not many succeeded, but in this case, hand-drawn 3D graphics are the best aspect of the game. Soft lighting intertwined with cartoon cardboard that looks out from around the corner, but more on that later. A lot of filled locations from some of which you can catch a couple of screenshots that will go to the wallpaper. Everything in this world is mesmerizing. Some sound somewhere lies a bone or a can of bacon soup.

Pentagrams, candles all add creepiness and atmosphere. This is a unique experience where cute meets crypto. This game has plush toys in one corner and ink hearts in the other.

Controls and Platforms

The ports on the console were developed and published by Rooster Teeth Games. The developers released ports on PS4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018, and on Nintendo Switch on November 20, 2018.

Worth Replaying?

You play for the character of Henry Stein, an animator who worked at Joey Drew's studio. Henry quit and 30 years have passed since that moment, we receive a letter from an already familiar Joey asking him to come to the old studio because he wants to show something. Henry looks at the old corridors with a flashback and all is well until the antagonist starts the ill-fated Ink Machine and so your adventure begins. The game is divided into chapters starting from the first to the fifth and ending with the Archives. This is a kind of museum of the game available after passing.

The plot is surprisingly not straightforward, there are interesting twists and moments on the first playthrough. You may be surprised, here you are and demon angels and even an anthropomorphic furry wolf named Boris is a mad occultist and super cute without protective ink creatures who are called lost. But on the second playthrough, you start to notice details that complement both the game and the plot.

The Bottom Line

This game has a large developing community that creates everything new and new for the game. Part of this game is easy to become and difficult to leave.

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 5
  • Diverse gameplay;
  • Wonderful cartoon world;
  • Global Bendy Community.
  • Controls may seem difficult.
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