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SCP: Secret Laboratory is an action game where you get to be either a special force soldier hunting for the supernatural or the supernatural hunted by them. With the SCP: Secret Laboratory coming out, the gaming community has discovered an update to shooters. The release date is still fresh, but you can already download the SCP: Secret Laboratory game for your PC.


In this SCP: Secret Laboratory review, you’ll see that the game gives you a chance to find yourself in a classified underground lab. There, unspeakable experiments have taken place. As a result of a breach, creatures of all kinds have been set free and left to roam around the abandoned hideout. Ranging from benign to highly malevolent, they have nothing left to do but to obliterate everything they encounter on their way to break free.

Here, you start by choosing a side: an exterminator or a ghoul. As an exterminator, you can be a scientist with their high-tech devices, an emergency officer, or others. Your task is to eliminate everything unearthly you can find mercilessly. Don’t hesitate or justify the creatures, and they won’t spare you if they get to you.

If you’re into causing chaos, you can try on the shoes of a malevolent entity or a human lab rat. The first one gives you a whole range of extraordinary skills and powers to smite your enemies while you’re looking for an escape route. At the same time, the latter is a mortal human being with nothing but vengeance and wit at their disposal. Whatever part you choose, it defines your plot, abilities, and goals, so consider wisely.

Graphics and Sound

The SCP: Secret Laboratory online game is stylized to resemble the classics of 90s gaming. Yes, the resolution is not ultra-high, and there are some minor deficiencies when it comes to contrast and lighting, but it’s not the case. The game gently leads you in the gruesome atmosphere of an underground lab. Always dark and gory, sometimes it’s even hard to see your own hands as you scavenge empty rooms, abandoned wards, and anomalous phenomena. All of this is backed up by shivering sounds of screeching, the wind, echoing noises, and distant whispers.


Graphics 3.5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 5
  • Unusual settings;
  • Nice character builder;
  • Few NCPs;
  • Accessible command and chat windows.
  • Low-quality graphics;
  • No DLC.
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