Secret Neighbor



Secret Neighbor is a modern horror/adventure game paying tribute to the classics. The Secret Neighbor game online is an update to the smartphone Hello Neighbor game with the release date in December 2018. The Secret Neighbor coming out is a fresh look at the good old horror runners. Download Secret Neighbor for your PC now.


The Secret Neighbor latest version is more than a typical horror/survival simulator. You are a curious teenager whose wit and vigor have brought him to an old house standing on the opposite side of the road to his. As you creep into the house, you find that it’s more grotesque than it seems at first and that it’s rather difficult to get out. Now that you’re stuck inside the house, you have to find a way to leave while escaping from the owner whose secrets are to be taken to the grave, literally.

While trying to leave the house, you meet many obstacles, like mazes, blocked exits, traps, etc. Here, in the Secret Neighbor game online, you have to use your dexterity and agility to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and distract the owner from your trace. And you’ve got to believe that it’s harder than it may seem at first. Because the price of your carelessness is your freedom, whereas the price of your incaution is your life, you have to act quickly, make decisions on the spot, and contrive unique strategies.

Graphics and Sound

Yes, the Secret Neighbor full game looks quite childish and even cartoonish, but trust this Secret Neighbor review because there is more to it. As you get deeper inside the house, the surroundings are becoming more and more hallucinatory and terrifying. Such surreal graphics help establish the atmosphere of constant, ominous suspense, creeping from every corner of the shabby residence. Combined with weird yet amusing sounds, screeching, and lively voices, it makes you get involved with the gameplay even more to create a real survival experience.


Graphics 5
Gameplay 5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Fun and involving multiplayer;
  • Authentic and unique atmosphere;
  • Easy-to-use controls;
  • No linear plot or forced in-game guiding.
  • High system requirements;
  • Long waiting lists to enter a match.
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