Ultimate Custom Night



Ultimate Custom Night is a simulation and horror game developed by Scott Cawthon for the PC platform. This is quite unusual. One might say, game for fans of Five Nights at Freddy's. The impressive animatronic combined with outstanding gameplay will attract your attention for a long time.


The picture and sounds are generally standard for the FNAF series, everything looks simple, but entourage. The atmosphere of the game is not only the aforementioned graphics but also the sounds. It is very pleasant that music is playing in the background, as it was in His night in part 5. All sorts of pumping sounds, a twitching Candy Cadet from time to time, and a measured soundtrack make it clear that this is a horror, and this is the FNAF series.


The gameplay of the FNAF Ultimate Custom Night is the basis of FNAF, remains the same. You will have an office, cameras, and the ability to close various hatches, turn on the lights, and so on, so those evil animatronics don't tear you apart like a plush toy. Although they will still be torn apart, you can only hold out as long as possible because it will not be possible to survive here. The trick is that you can choose which of the animatronics will pursue you and what quantity makes the game replayable. Besides, you can choose one of the ready-mades presets.

Worth Replaying?

Ultimate Custom Night is a new installment based on one of the scariest indie games, Five Nights at Freddy's. This time, you will find a "constructor" containing 50 animatronics from all parts of FNaF and fully customizable gameplay. Choose an animatronic and head out to spend the night in a cramped space with two doors, two vents, and two air pipes to watch out for. And just closing them will not work - you have little energy, and you need to monitor it closely. If you are a fan of the FNaF series of horror games, Ultimate Custom Night will allow you to create a real challenge and plunge back into the scary world created by Scott Coughton.

The Bottom Line

Ultimate Custom Night is the same, good old Five Nights at Freddy, only free, with animatronics from all parts, and a great opportunity to customize matches.

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4
  • About 50 animatronics from different parts of FNAF;
  • Each animatronic can have difficulty from 0 to 20;
  • You can open other offices with glasses;
  • There are improvements with a 102% battery.
  • Controls are very complex.
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