Unturned is a survival game that gives an update to old-school survival simulators. The Unturned game is meant for PC and has already become a hit since the release date in 2017. Download Unturned to stay in tune with the Unturned coming out content.


After a recent infection outbreak, most of the people have been turned into flesh-craving zombies. Luckily, the disease has not got to you yet, so now you’re going to need to make it stay that way. You’re going to build camps, establish connections with other survivors, and so much more to restore a once-prosperous society.

The Unturned free to play the game is in mostly stealth mode since it’s essential not to drag any attention to your hideout. There, you have to set up a fortified camp by gathering resources, building supports, and fences. As you progress through the game, you meet other surviving players that can become your allies or enemies.

Also, in the Unturned full game, you need to look for provision to supply food, water, and other essentials. You can search other camps, abandoned gas stations, or simply kill players and loot their bags. If you meet an obstacle on your way, it’s most likely susceptible to damage, so you can destroy it. But be careful not to expose yourself to the hoards of zombies lurking around.

Graphics and Sound

The visuals remind those of Minecraft with cubical characters, acute trees, and awkwardly-geometrical buildings. Though it might repel you at first, with time, you get used to the graphics and realize that the surroundings are rather odd to increase the interest in the Unturned gameplay. On the other hand, the colors of the environment are extremely vibrant and full of dimension. Each detail is well-contrived to bring the game as close to reality as possible.

As for the sound, the in-game playlist consists of a wide range of ambient music to support and motivate you while playing solo. In threatening situations, the music turns to vivid and gruesome soundtracks to warn you of the dangers ahead.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Open world with no time or plot limits;
  • Vivid and vibrant animations;
  • Funny and hilarious in-game dialogues;
  • Limitless crafting of items.
  • Solo mode lacks people;
  • Not all control options are available.
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    2 months ago
    I real love this game and its my dream game

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