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Animal Jam is an adventure game for the whole family (release date Dec 2018). The Animal Jam game brings you to a world of fun riddles and quests as a cute little avatar. The Animal Jam coming out PC update patch is refreshed monthly with new, quality content. Download Anima Jam to join a growing community!


In the Animal Jam full game, you and your children can pick an avatar they find most appealing. From a yellow hamster with a pirate hat to a blue unicorn with emerald slippers, read through this Animal Jam review to see that the choice is not limited because the game is all about having fun!

When creating a character, you can customize the type of animal, its size, coloring, outfit, and so much more. As you get in the game and earn in-game currency, it’s easy to make the avatar even more unique with all those cool purchasable features and items. Also, acquire a pet for your animal to make it even more interesting to play.

The Animal Jam free to play game is a combination of adventures, teamwork, and character-building. Here, you have to accept quests and save the land from dangers heading its way alone or with other players. Travel around a vast DLC to find hidden treasures, fight baddies, and find new friends. Remember that power is in unity, so make sure to join a guild where you can receive even better rewards and more interesting quests.

Graphics and Sound

To make it as cute as possible, the Anima Jam adventure game offers a spectrum of bright colors and attractive visuals. When traveling from one location to another, the surroundings and sounds change from vivid and cheerful to dark-ish and mysterious. They give the game a certain atmosphere that helps embark on new quests and journeys more easily.

Furthermore, each character is well-designed, and you can see even the smallest alterations made to their appearance. Add some shade to the wings, dye their hair, or dress them in a cute apron. Also, listen carefully to the sounds of nature as it may warn you about dangers ahead.


Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Free to play;
  • Lots of in-game mini-games;
  • Parental control;
  • Diversity of characters.
  • Medium-quality graphics;
  • Children-oriented content.
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