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Genshin Impact is an action RPG game by the Chinese developer miHoYo that managed to conquer the hearts of players all over the world with its huge wonderful world. Many call this free anime-styled game a “better Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild” and unlike the second, it’s available for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and PS5, with the Switch version on its way.

The Long Story, Which is Good

We didn’t really expect to say this in the Genshin Impact review, but we have to admit that it’s the only mobile game that features an extremely prolonged and detailed plot that doesn’t become boring after a couple of chapters. Every chapter of the game (there are currently six of them plus the prologue) features a roster of unique characters and brings you to a new city ruled by a new god.

All the cities are inspired by real-world countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Egypt, India, Japan, and more. All the main cities are scattered around the world of Teywat, which you can explore without any limitations. Your main purpose is to find your sister or brother (depending on the selected main character’s gender), but it appears to be a very tricky investigation with lots of exciting encounters and challenging fights.

Genshin Impact gameplay is also stuffed with mechanics and lets you explore the world without losing interest. You can either travel by land or fly above the peaks and forests to see everything from above.

Both ways are awesome and highly useful for exploration and fast-travel purposes. All the mechanics are surprisingly smooth and let you feel your character in the ever-changing conditions and smooth progression.

Huge Success

An interesting fact is that this game grossed over $1 billion within just the first 6 months of FREE distribution. That’s how exciting it is to purchase items within the game! Critics highly praised the game’s combat system and the outstanding detailization of the open world. Now the studio is aiming to the world of AAA developers.

Worth Downloading?

An opportunity to play something that was inspired by GTA V and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild for FREE is extremely attractive. But if we turn our heads away from marketing, the game is also very well-made and manages to hold your attention for hours no matter what platform you choose to play on!

The Bottom Line

Download Genshin Impact and you won’t believe that such an advanced game can exist for free and without any hidden catches!

Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Huge open world universe;
  • Very exciting plot;
  • Available for mobile, PC, and consoles.
  • No version for Xbox One and Series X/S.
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