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Hello Neighbour is a survival horror stealth game for Windows. Hello Neighbour game was released in 2017 by Dynamic Pixels. The latest version is 12.0 and is available for Windows 10 and later. Throughout the game, you will be exploring the house of your mysterious neighbour to find out what he is hiding in the darkness of his ceiling. To download Hello Neighbor, you need at least 6-8GB of free space on your disc. 

Gameplay Features

The first fact to mention in Hello Neighbour review is playing against self-learning AI that modifies its actions depending on what you do and where you go, trying to find outsmart the neighbor and find his hidden secrets. The game is played from the first person, and it is important to reticle some objects and interact with them to use them in a house. Two items of the same type cannot be kept in one slot together. 

All players start moving to a new house, while a strange paranoid neighbor is doing something suspicious across the street. The main aim of the game is to complete various tasks and solve all the puzzles, and collect items opening new locations in the house and finally get to the neighbor’s basement. 

While moving inside a house, you have to hide not to be spotted by the neighbour. In case the neighbour sees you, he will chase you, and in case you won’t be fast and witty enough, you will get caught. In case you were captured, the game sends you back to your house, and you have to start your journey again. With all attempts, neighbour is setting traps depending on your previous moves. Hello Neighbour free demo version is available to download after registration.


Technical Characteristics

To move in a game, you can use standard back, forward, left and right arrow keys. With Hello Neighbour demo version, it is super easy to get acquainted with all the controls and find out whether you like the player’s freedom, its graphics, and sounds before the purchase.

This game has amazing audio: you will feel the atmosphere of mystery and chase all the time because of horrifying effects that support the overall game and underline unexpected events. The graphics make the scenery look like a high-quality cartoon movie, but dark, dramatic colors define the main idea of the game. To unlock multiplayer mode, go to Settings, find Friend In The Game, choose to whom you want to send an invitation, placing the mouse in the avatar, and click Invite. 


Worth Replaying?

This game has a series of hidden secrets, allowing you to unlock new mysteries hidden in the neighbour’s house. It also has a multiplayer mode with up to 6 players in a team, which makes each play unique. Thus, it is a good chouse for replaying.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4
  • Perfect horror gameplay;
  • Up to 6 players in multiplayer mode;
  • Free demo version.
  • Requires a lot of free disk space.
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  • GP
    Ginelys Paola Cortes Santiago
    Apple iPhone SE
    4 years ago
    My boyfriend teaches me how to play this game and it’s very fun babe
  • JH
    Jaime Huttlin
    Samsung SM-T377T (Galaxy Tab E 8.0)
    4 years ago
    Kekkdkdld We need hello neighbor to be free

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