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Hello Neighbor 2 is a new chapter of the popular tactical stealth horror game franchise, Hello Neighbor. This time you start with the news that Mr.Peterson disappears after the events of the first chapter and a strange creature stalks you as you try to find the missing villain. The game is currently in the alpha testing stage and the final release date is still unclear. Hello Neighbor 2 is coming out for PC, Xbox One and Series X/S.

The New AI-Driven Mistery

Let’s start this Hello Neighbor 2 review from the improvements overview! While Mr.Peterson is absent, a new antagonist with an even more advanced AI starts following you everywhere!. The mysterious stalker can adapt to your every movement and find creative ways to ambush and defeat you.

Similar to Mr. Peterson, the new character has a daily routine that involves sleeping, eating, cooking, and other activities. You can use them to your advantage and try to trick the AI to accomplish your missions. There are multiple solutions to every challenge so that you can restart your missions and try to trigger the most beneficial course of events.

Welcome Back to Raven Brooks!

Hello Neighbor 2 gameplay involves exploration of the renovated open-world town of Raven Brooks from the first game. There are no limitations from the very start so that you can roam the area free and do whatever you want all day long. The AI stalks you almost everywhere and the world changes, depending on the choices you make.

The narrative is also player-dependent so that you can replay the game and reveal different story branches if you wish. It’s a brand new sandbox experience for the series. All the events in the town happen in random order, so you always have to come up with custom solutions to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Worth Downloading?

Although only Hello Neighbor 2 demo alpha is available and the game will change, it’s already clear that we have a great hit on your hands! You can already try Hello Neighbor 2 latest version of Steam and Microsoft Store and enjoy the temporary Hello Neighbor 2 free download!

If you enjoyed the first chapter but lacked depth and detail, you would definitely love the new game as it unleashes the true power of the franchise. Hurry up to try it before the Hello Neighbor 2 full game comes out at a price.

The Bottom Line

Download Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha and test the brand new stealth horror in one of the most exciting game universes of the last 3 years!

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4
  • Open-world Raven Brooks;
  • The environment changes frequently to challenge you;
  • The new AI is much smarter;
  • You decide what, when, and how.
  • It’s temporarily free.
  • The full version isn’t available yet;
  • Single-player only.
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