Minecraft is a builder/adventure game for people who enjoy exploring and crafting. Since the release date in 2011, the Minecraft game has gone viral among PS4 players. Each Minecraft coming out update is an add-on to an already immense world. Download the game to embark on a journey you’ve never even dreamt of.


Discover a place where even the most bizarre and mind-blowing projects are as simple as breathing. In the Minecraft full game, you can try on the shoes of a builder, survivor, and conqueror. Wander around an immense DLS with thousands of players from all over the world.

With nothing to use at first, you have to find ways to survive harsh environments by setting up shelters and crafting your own tools. Build a house or a castle, erect a skyscraper, or open a cafe. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s an eyecatcher to eclipse others. Where do you do that? Wherever you want! On the land or in the sea, in the sky, or underground, you’re limited only by your own imagination.

However, the Minecraft Gameplay is not only about building but also about staying alive. Every now and again, your projects are attacked by swarms of zombies and beasts, looking for a brain-feast. Dig trenches, plant hedges, and erect fences to protect your harvest and home from the monsters.

Anyway, do whatever you want as long as it’s fun and mind-bending.

Graphics and Sound

Well, the Minecraft free to play game can leave you flabbergasted at first with its sharp edges and cubical trees. But give it some time to grow on you. With time, you’re going to realize that it’s all done with a purpose to make the game more about the gameplay than visuals.

When building your own observatory or library block by block, you start getting the gist of how easy, fun, and pleasing the process is. All of this, backed up by stunning ambient music, wildlife noises, and popular songs, motivates you to be even more creative than ever before. Whether you like the graphics and sound or not, they do leave a print on your feelings.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 4
Controls 5
Replay Value 4
  • Unusual visuals;
  • Great sound and ambiance;
  • Limitless possibilities;
  • Cooperation and team-play modes.
  • No quests or guidance;
  • No level system.
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