REALITY is a FREE short First-Person horror game, it uses a graphical style to represent the present mood of the game. It gives the player the ability to choose and get slightly different results. The game has many mysteries you might want to uncover.

The game is free with no in-game transactions. All assets are made by the developers. The play-time can last up to 15-25 minutes, depending on individuals.


Does This Game Contain Screamers?
  • While it is best for you to find out yourself, There is nothing that is extremely considered a "screamer".

Does this game have weapons? A survival horror game?
  • Not a survival horror game. No weapons.

Are there Saves?
  • There is no save system due to it being a fairly short game.

Epilepsy Warning?
  • Theres a extremely low chance you can get your epilepsy triggered from this. So it is fine. Though we do not take responsibility for any individual damages caused to you.

I want to know more or support the developers.
  • Check Our Contact Details.

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