VRChat is a simulation game, offering you a chance to join a global community of world-builders. The VRchat game coming out for PC is a breakthrough in the world of gaming. Since the release date in 2017, it has demonstrated that the future is VR. Download VRChat to receive a new update to access a place where all things are possible.


The VRChat game is something of a kind. Here, you’re not limited by rules, objectives, or even characters. Here, you enter a world of creativity and complete online liberation. There is an enormous number of features, characters, add-ons, items, etc. that you can use to interact in ready-to-go playrooms or create one of your own.

While customizing a character that you think is the coolest, you can change and modify anything. Adjust their race, height, abilities, gear, behavior, means of transport, etc. to make an avatar that suits your dreams best. When communicating with others, it’s possible to use either a chat log or real audio messages that you send directly to another character or let everyone else hear.

Use portals all over the DLC to enter standard worlds, created by the developers, or servers created by players themselves. There, you can have a pint of beer in a distant galaxy, participate in a money heist in Tokyo, race cars against aliens, and so much more. If you get tired of playing by someone else’s rules, suit yourself, and make a new room with its unique plot and settings.

Graphics and Sound

Thanks to the diverse world-building feature, it’s hard to talk about the visuals in one dimension. As each VRChat review claims, every world is a separate universe. You get a glimpse of astounding shooting stars and galactical journeys; Western shootouts and Indian Jones’s adventures; partying on a far distant planet or chilling on the Moon. As you unravel the opportunities the game has prepared for you, your adventures are accompanied by customized music. Empowering your passion for discoveries, there is always more to see and experience.

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 4.5
Replay Value 4
  • Limitless opportunities for what you can do;
  • Special areas with Easter Eggs and rewards;
  • Completely customizable avatars;
  • Accepting the global community.
  • Medium-quality graphics;
  • Overwhelmed ping.
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