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Duel Links is a digital collectible card game in anime style developed for Microsoft, iOS and Android devices. Duel Links game takes you to the world of skilled duelists from all over the world, fighting in various locations, using the monsters from their cards. To download Duel Links, you need at least 5 GB disk space while the recommended amount is 16GB. The game release date is Nov 17th, 2017, and its latest update for Android came out in July 2020.

Gameplay Features

To start the Duel Links review, it is necessary to point out the game has been created in classical speed duels and in accordance with the card trade playing rules, including several modifications. Duel Links latest version reduced monster zones and spell/trap zones from 5 to 3, the number of cards in the Main Deck became 20-30 cards instead of 40-60 cards. Each player receives 4000 Life Points for the start. In the duel, each player can use various Skills that will impact the game: it is possible to grow life points or monster stats, adding cards to the deck when the duel starts, change the starting hand of the player, view the face-down cards, etc. The player who wins the duel can decrease Life Points of the opponent to 0, permit him to run out of cards, or win under other circumstances.

Before the duel, each player is a hub where he chooses one of the various NPCs to compete with. In a hub, you can get access to the Gate, where you can fight against the Legendary Duelists. Starting from the 1st stage, the player has to complete various missions. moving to the next stage and getting access to more skilled opponents. The highest stages allow a player to fight against Legendary Duelists and get to Character Unlock Missions. Each player can receive new cards from the Card Trader, card pack or from Legendary Duelists.

Technical Characteristics

Using anime graphics, Dural Links game has a huge cast of characters from the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” series. All voices belong to real cast members that made the original shows. Each duel looks intense and has powerful dynamics thanks to 3D cutscenes that shows scene monsters being summoned.

Duel Links is perfect for beginners – it has intuitive controls easy to get on, being the same for all game versions. You can switch to the Multiplayer or PVP mode for the fight to try your strategic skills, competing with other players online.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Legendary anime graphics;
  • Audio voicework from real cast members;
  • Multiplayer and PVP mode.
  • Simple game plot.
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