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Among Us is a phenomenally popular social deduction survival multiplayer game by InnerSloth. It’s a mind-lowing mix of teamwork and betrayal in which only the computer can choose you a role. You can play it on iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. By the way, the brand new Airship update is out now!


The whole Among Us gameplay concept is based on the classic social-deduction game Mafia, in which players have to guess who is who using their intuition and deduction. Among Us brings the concept to a new level by reducing the number of factions to just 2 – crewmates and impostors, and adding action and personalization elements to the game.

Once you join a game server, you can customize your character by changing its color and choosing a funny hat. Right after that, the computer assigns you one of the roles and you have to deal with it!

If you become a crewmate, you have whole lotta work to do around the map. The ship or plane won’t repair on its own! At the same time, you have to be all eyes to spot suspiciously behaving players and try to find clues that they are impostors. That’s not enough to win, though!

On emergency meetings, which you can summon, you have to prove your point of view to the rest of the crew and persuade them to discharge the traitor through the rubbish chamber. The truth is that your arguments can be used against you and you’ll end up sharing space with asteroids!


If you’re lucky enough to be assigned as an impostor, you can have a lot of fun by eliminating the peaceful crew and trying to prove to everyone that you’re not guilty. That’s actually the best part of the Among Us game.

If you manage to change everyone’s mind, you win! That can be very hard if someone notices you, though. That’s why you have to master using ventilation systems for hiding and learn how to pretend that you’re a normal astronaut.

Worth Downloading?

It’s quite hard to describe all the fun you can get out of this game in s single brief Among Us review, so you should just try it out on your smartphone, computer, or console! Millions of players worldwide win and lose every minute, so it’s high time to join the party! Jump in with your friends from any device you have and enjoy borderless multiplayer gameplay. But be careful as anyone can be a traitor!

The Bottom Line

If you feel like controlling the minds of other live players, download Among Us and enjoy the mindblowing simulation!

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 5
Replay Value 4.5
  • Available for mobile, PC, Xbox, and Switch;
  • Crossplay is enabled for all supported devices;
  • Customizable characters;
  • A new large map is finally out;
  • Free for mobile.
  • Itā€™s not free on PC and consoles;
  • No voice chat option, only texting.
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