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Rhythm Doctor is a one-button rhythm game, where you can learn about the music theory while saving peoples’ lives with defibrillation. Rhythm Doctor game has versions for Windows and Mac OS, and its release date was in Spring 2014. The recent update of the Rhythm Doctor coming out in 2020, giving a new breath to the legendary game. To download Rhythm Doctor, you will only need 1GB disk space.

Gameplay Features

In this Rhythm Doctor review, you will find out what to expect from the hardest one-button online game. Rhythm Doctor Gameplay is quite simple: each player gets to a fictional world where to save a patient, it is necessary to defibrillate their hearts synchronized with their heartbeats. To save a patient, a player has to choose a perfect time for slamming the sidebar on the 7th beat of the patient’s heart.

Each patient has specific illnesses that define the melody to be played: polyrhythms, irregular time signatures, and others. You will learn all these terms and what they mean and how they sound, completing the tasks. Rhythm Doctor full game will teach you music and rhythm theory on real examples. Passing each of 20 handmade levels, you get acquainted with a new concept of rhythm theory.

Technical Characteristics

This game is perfect for kids and beginners – you only need one button to pass each level, learning various rhythm types and developing skills of correct rhythm maintaining. This game has well-developed audio with a unique rhythm and melody for each level, depending on the illnesses of a wide range of patients. It is as well possible to add your music in the settings and add notes to each beat. The game has simple graphics with over 50 bright visual effects and level backgrounds.

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4
Controls 5
Replay Value 5
  • Easy to play;
  • Ability to learn music and rhythm theory;
  • Solo and drop-in drop-out local multiplayer modes.
  • Simple graphics and gameplay;
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  • AF
    Amare Fraser
    1 year ago
    i found this game and it looks pretty cool

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