Animal Crossing™: New Horizons



Animal Crossing New Horizons is a life simulation video game for Nintendo Switch that was released in 2020. This is the fifth main part of the Animal Crossing series. In Animal Crossing New Horizons game, you will explore a deserted island, collecting or crafting useful items and catching fish and various insects, and building the community of anthropomorphic animals. You can download Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo website.

Gameplay Features

Animal Crossing review will show the key benefits of this non-linear real-time simulation game played online. Similar to other Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing New Horizons Gameplay is rich with various locations, tasks, and characters. The player takes the role of a customizable character that was sent to a deserted island by Tom Nook – a character that is present in all games of the series. Proceeding in an open-ended scheme, the game develops as your character collects various items or completes tasks, exploring the island and achieving new skills. The main aim is to develop this island into a community of anthropomorphic animals.

Animal Crossing New Horizons free character customization provides you with a series of hairstyles, facial expressions, skin colors, and even genders to create a unique persona. Completing in-game tasks, you earn Nook Miles – a special currency that can be used to get premium items. It is possible to invite certain animals to your island and choose or at least impact their choice of location for home construction. Animal Crossing New Horizons full game supports both local and online co-op gameplay with up to 4 players for local play and 8 for online one sharing one island.

Technical Characteristics

Having beautiful graphics full of colors, Animal Crossing New Horizons game has a series of island tunes that follow your character throughout the game. You can change the tune after speaking to Isabelle are Resident Services. When your island will be developed enough, you will be able to create your island tune. It is pretty easy to find general settings: go to the title screen, click on the minus button in the top left corner. It is really easy to use all controls as you are followed by useful instructions, and the first tasks are quite simple.



Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 5
Replay Value 5
  • Simple and attractive graphics;
  • Ability to complete tasks is a non-linear manner;
  • Free post-release updates;
  • The game supports up to 4 players locally and 8 players online.
  • Complicated menus.
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    I wanna note that you are a very cute, shiny person!)

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