Fortnite is a third-person shooter game where you strive for survival and victory. The Fortnite game is made for iOS with the release date in 2017. Fortnite coming out is regarded as a success with each update.


When beginning to play the Fortnite iOS version, you start with nothing but a few provisions in the sack. As you gather resources and establish connections with other players, you take part in battles for glory, power, and territory control. You have to scavenge the ruins, loot from others, and win rewards while improving your perks and skills. All of them will help you withstand ruthless PVP combats and secure your territory from enemies.

Here, you can create your unique character by choosing the gear, crafting weapons, and so much more. The Fortnite game allows for modifying, disassembling, and recreating any kind of gear you can think of. Use it to fight your enemies, protect the ones you care about, and follow this Fortnite review to learn more.

With Fortnite free to play, you can build safe houses and dig trenches to set up the most impenetrable bases for yourself and your companions. Make sure to fortify them and build a fence to prevent the enemy from assaulting you out of nowhere. Your shelters will also prove useful when the ice storm comes around to wipe off everything on its way.

Graphics and Sound

The Fortnite full game for smartphones preserves the best out of the PC version and adds even more to it. The graphics let you immerse yourself into the vast, vibrant surrounding where you can discover and learn more about the world of Fortnite with each mission. Made to be realistic yet fun, the visuals are fresh, colorful, and animated to give you the feeling of belonging and keep you intense.

The game is accompanied by a well-orchestrated ambiance of the forests, valleys, and deserts. It changes from tranquility at times of peace to rapid and overwhelming battle songs when fighting. This helps you find the right pace of playing and makes you appreciate the game even more.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 5
Controls 4
Replay Value 4
  • Immense DLC to explore;
  • Real-time battles;
  • Choice of characters;
  • Tons of fun animations and functions.
  • High ping causing lags;
  • Expensive in-app purchases.
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