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Life Is Strange is a famous series of episodic graphic adventures that let you participate in a highly detailed story that involves real-life circumstances combined with the fictional time-rewinding abilities of the main character, Max Caulfield. The game is highly praised by both critics and players and continued with several spin-offs, one more full game, and an upcoming Life Is Strange: True Colors game. Life Is Strange game is available for Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The Original Story

As this Life Is Strange review is dedicated to the original game in the series, let’s focus on its plot and features. You play Max Caulfield, who returns to her hometown. There she witnesses some terrible events that trigger her supernatural ability to rewind time. The ability lets her save lives but also enables to foresee future troubles and brings her to the epicenter of some dark and mysterious events.

The story is told through cut-scenes and action dialogues during exploration of the world from the third-person perspective. You can interact with the world around you by examining objects, changing the environment, and solving quests. Using the time rewind ability, you can go back in time to change the course of events from negative to positive.

For example, you can use the skill when you have important dialogues to go back in time when you say something wrong. This way, your character can always achieve the most useful outcomes. An exciting fact is that objects and environment changes triggered by the character stay unchanged when you rewind time, which literally makes history editable.

The Style You’ll Remember

Life Is Strange latest version remaster doesn’t look as if it was released 6 years ago. The entire game is very stylish and features a high-quality play of light, shade, and blur, making it highly immersive and realistic. Combined with a great soundtrack and actor play, it leaves an impression of a top Netflix title.

Worth Downloading?

Although there are newer chapters of the game, the original Life Is Strange is a must-play title if you want to understand what’s all the hype about. This game made the series extremely popular and caused various controversies. It’s also a great idea to start completing the series before the new game comes out on September 10, 2021.

The Bottom Line

Download Life Is Strange to dive into a mysterious story full of psychological catches and controversies.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 5
Controls 5
Replay Value 4.5
  • One of the most memorable video game plots;
  • Unique time-control-based gameplay;
  • Bright characters;
  • 2 more volumes are already available.
  • The chapter system isn’t convenient for everyone.
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