Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered



Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare is an island of stability in the gaming industry. Every year, no matter what happens, the call of duty sounds in the fall. And you always know what to expect: bright staged action in a single-player campaign and fast-paced shootouts in multiplayer with an admixture of various cooperative entertainment.


Separately, we would like to praise the developers' attention to small details, such as animations. Great sound (ricochets, explosions, off-screen conversations, accents, Wilhelm's scream in multiplayer), soundtrack, various weapons. The characters are memorable. Many story missions are played with a bang: aggressive attacks, defensive missions - there is everything. But not everyone will succeed in merging with the main character. The developers paid attention to details. Cinematic videos deserve special praise.


Missions with tactical cleaning of buildings under the command of Captain Price were completed with a bang: you have to act with surgical precision and monitor targets, among which civilians. You don't know if another frightened person will reach for a weapon that lies nearby. Give the victim a chance and take a chance or shoot them in advance just in case? It is at such moments that Infinity Ward is trying to portray that same "gray morality". History is conventionally divided into two parallel lines: the conflict with terrorists who stole (well, naturally) chemical weapons, and the lawlessness of Russian soldiers.

Worth Replaying?

The Call of Duty campaign has always been about spectacular moments. If you look at how the series works, how the developers present shootouts and create level designs, nothing surprising will emerge. It will only turn out that this is a shooting gallery - expensive, with a lot of scripted scenes and impressive episodes. Surprise with events and situations that have never happened before. Storming the Reichstag? Yes! A military campaign in Africa? Sure!

Then it got even better: a sniper mission in Pripyat, a nuclear missile explosion over America through the eyes of an astronaut, World War III, fantastic gadgets that allow you to run on walls, battles in space, in the end. There is nothing wrong with Call of Duty being a shooting range. And it will not be as long as the formula works. And it still works thanks to events and situations.

The Bottom Line

The Modern Warfare trilogy has always been a favorite with Call of Duty fans. Modern Warfare offered the player a sane plot in the spirit of Tom Clancy's novels (which means, also with cranberries, but not so concentrated), a consistently solid multiplayer mode and, importantly, charismatic characters.

Graphics 5
Gameplay 4.5
Controls 5
Replay Value 4.5
  • The speed of movement of the mouse when aiming is higher;
  • High-precision graphics;
  • Improved gameplay.
  • Restart - error in connecting to network services;
  • The weapon is only playable on hardcore.
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